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Discussing Hoary Cress (Lepidium draba ssp. draba)
Discussing Hoary Cress (Lepidium draba ssp. draba)

Children's Activities

Educational Videos

"Elwood Elk" Weed Awareness video for children
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The IWAC has developed a new children's video dealing with noxious weeds. The short (less than 12 minute) video features "Elwood the Elk" helping children learn about noxious weeds and how they can help to control weeds where they live and play. The video is being sponsored by a number of agencies and organizations and won a Bronze “Telly” award for educational videos.

Elwood Elk DVD Cover
Mortie Milfoil Learns About Milfoil is a curriculum designed for use in early and upper elementary school. This unique 3 session lesson set includes all you need to teach your students how they can help the State of Idaho in the fight against our most Noxious Aquatic Weed, Eurasian Watermilfoil. Left untreated, Milfoil would make our lakes, streams and ponds uninhabitable by wildlife and unusable by animals and humans.

This DVD/CD set includes an engaging
7 minute video on DVD introducing Mortie, Gig-A-Bit and Roger Batt, the Director of the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign. The CD-ROM includes PDF® files with printable curriculum for both early and upper elementary school students, as well as a Power Point® presentation for use in helping students identify Watermilfoil.

You can also download the elementary curriculum elements here. This is everything you need to create a learning module for use in the elementary classroom or home school.





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