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Virtual Field Guide

• Interactive Map of Idaho
• Noxious Weed List

To experience the multimedia content on this web site, you'll need the free QuickTime Player.

This Virtual Field Guide will let you explore Idaho's noxious weeds in two ways. You can either explore the Interactive Map of Idaho or simply visit the Noxious Weed List.

The "Interactive Map of Idaho" displays the 4 Idaho Weed regions; Northern Idaho, Treasure Valley, Magic Valley and Eastern Idaho. You can roll over and highlight each of these regions. Click on one and a new page will come up with another more detailed map showing just that region with all of the counties identified. A list of County Weed Superintendents is available.

The most interesting part of the maps identify specific locations where you can find 360 degree panorama views of a specific noxious weed. These panoramas are very high resolution and are interactive. In other words, you can move around in a circle and up and down and zoom in and out to examine details in the picture. All of the panoramas contain video sequences that further describe variables associated with the weed and the location. Photo galleries are also available on each panorama page.

The "Noxious Weed List" contains even more specific information about each of Idaho's noxious weeds. One major feature is a multimedia photo gallery that displays a variety of high resolution images that dissolve to new views of various stages of growth and other identifying features of the weed. The page for each weed also contains a link to the associated panoramas you can also find on the region maps. In addition, links to external web sites are identified and an additional link to a specific location in the Network Center Reference Library where even more information and links about each weed will accumulate over time.

Removing Eurasian Watermilfoil from Payette Lake.
Removing Eurasian Watermilfoil from Payette Lake.
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