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Squarrose Knapweed - Interactive Panorama                

Click and drag the mouse to pan and tilt the view. Depress the shift and control keys to zoom in or zoom out.
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Dave Humphreys of Elmore County Weed Control and Roger Batt of the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign look at Squarrose Knapweed outside of Mountain Home, Idaho.

Squarrose Knapweed is on the Early Detection/Rapid Response List for the State of Idaho, and was most recently found in southern Idaho. This growth came on after a 2006 Range Fire, and is scattered over 1,100 acres.

Squarrose Knapweed resembles Diffuse Knapweed, and easily spread around by wild or grazing animals. It is a true perennial, with rosettes that will grow for several years before bolting and blooming, then spreading through the rangelands of Idaho.

Panorama and video taken 9/2015


Squarrose Knapweed Video Sequences Found in the Panorama

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